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"This is what we need for the next generation"
​Hello, my name is Keith West and I am writing to the DC Hawks organization to let you all know my story. I currently work for the National Museum of African American Culture and History. I served in the United States Army. I am 28 years old. I grew up here in Washington, DC. In Kenilworth Parkside Courts. I was 12 years old when I met with the DC Hawks organization. I first met with Mr. Edward Campbell. This great man heard of me all the way in Kenilworth recreation and met with me about basketball when I was 12 years old. He talk to me about playing basketball in an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) League. I never really did not know anything about this AAU, I just knew I wanted to play basketball, something my mother had signed me up to do. But this program was more like a family than any basketball organization. Ms. Lucas took me in as one of her own. I frequently visited her house with her two sons Ed and Josh (Alton). We became best of friends. That was over ten years ago. I still keep up with these great people. They showed me what building a relationship with friends was like. We traveled together, we laughed and joked. We really became family. That’s what something as small as basketball did. Ms. Lucas and the DC Hawks organization made me a better person because they cared. And they made sure they let you know they cared. Anything that you needed from them, they made sure they helped out as much as possible. Whether it was simply to get away for a bit, needed someone to talk to or just to hang out and have some fun. I am forever grateful for Ms. Lucas and the DC Hawks Organization, for great friendships and love they showed from being a young kid to an adult. This is what we need for the next generation. Let the DC Hawks Organization be that for you, join the DC Hawks Family!
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"Ms. Lucas literally helped save my life.."
My name is Steven Harley a former player for Ms.Lucas, I am writing my l brief testimony about the impact Ms.Lucas and her basketball program had on my life. Ms. Lucas literally help save my life with her youth basketball program. I received a full basketball scholarship to the University of Nebraska and eventually graduating from there with an agree in Sociology thanks to her. 
"She took us off the streets and gave us a dream"
One of the most influential women in my life growing up was my AAU basketball coach, Barbara Lucas, she took me off the streets, and many others and gave us a dream, we pretty much lived with her and her family, I owe these people everything, like many others I feel these people saved my life, the summers we spent traveling the country playing ball I will never forget, before her I never even traveled outside of DC, that experience really opened my eyes. the late night drives with the team all piled up in the truck to the rich neighborhoods to see the houses, just showing us, there was more to life in every aspect .. alot of kids didn't get that extra support, and fell victim to the streets. Not making it to the pro's or even a D1 school, really bothered me, I felt like I let so many down, so I distance myself from those who had faith in me, and the game itself, I've grown to realize Basketball was just a seed planted, God sent the Lucas's, when I needed them the most, when I needed a reason to be different from my surrounding, I'm sure I can speak on the behalf of all the DC Hawks basketball team, and say we love you, and we Thank you coach
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